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Check out past and current programming, where Beauty Society has been invited to showcase our wonderful skincare line.
Our fabulous line of skincare products is smack in the middle of the public eye and can be seen below.

As Featured on Fox 5, Las Vegas

Woman-owned beauty empire makes Nevada home,
brings employees with her.

Beauty Society moves to Las Vegas to grow company, help employees’ families afford cost of living.

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Beauty Society is about to turn heads with the release of their new foaming facial

May 24, 2018: Beauty Society, a California based cosmetic company is about to turn heads with the release of their new in-home professional-grade facial product, Saving Face.

The average professional facial takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes and the price for one treatment ranges from $75 to $100 in suburban areas; at a spa resort or trendy metropolitan area, this same treatment runs upwards of about $300! Beauty Society respects women’s time and resources and set out to create an in-home option for their customers. And so the birth of Saving Face.

Saving Face is a revolutionary product infused with Advanced BTX. Advanced BTX is readily absorbed by the skin and increases the volume of the dermis layer, significantly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Saving Face with Advanced BTX also helps to purify the skin, exfoliate, hydrate and increase oxygen. The result is a more youthful glow and smooth texture to your skin. Beauty Society’s Saving Face is a simple, effective and fun in-home Spa facial experience that takes less than 10 minutes. Saving Face includes all of the benefits for your skin of the expensive treatments, so you save time, money and your skin.

Founder and CEO of Beauty Society, Jeannie Lorin said, “We are so excited about what this product will do for the women we care about. They can pamper their skin like a professional, reaping all the benefits of those expensive spa treatments but in the comfort of their own homes and for significantly less.”

Beauty Society is a direct sales company offering a tremendous compensation plan, a unique product refill program and biodegradable packing. With the launch of Saving Face, they prove once again that they are trend makers in the industry.

Beauty Society Makes The List of Top Work-At-Home Businesses

April 6, 2018: Beauty Society is blushing proud to be listed in the top thirty-three work at home beauty businesses by www.theworkathomewoman.com.  The California based cosmetic company is an industry leader in entrepreneurial support provided to their advisors. With low start-up costs and free business coaching, they truly are a turn-key business.

Beauty Society makes the list because of their outstanding product line. Their skincare and cosmetics are all free of paraben, gluten, and all sulfates. They are vegan-friendly,  cruelty-free products made right here in the USA. Beauty Society’s compensation plan, their unique product refill program and biodegradable packing, alongside their heart for giving back makes Beauty Society a company their advisors are proud to partner with.

In the last decade, direct sales as an industry has seen a large upswing. There are companies popping up everywhere and we see them come and go frequently making Beauty Society stand out yet again having been in business since 2006.

Jeannie Lorin, founder of Beauty Society said, “My vision at the beginning was to create a win-win scenario all the way around.  Our advisors win in their financial and personal development, our customers win with quality products that work for them and our communities win in our ability to give back. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be recognized for the things that make all of us passionate about Beauty Society. It’s a phenomenal feeling.”

It is great to have experts like www.theworkathomewoman.com to assist in the due diligence of examining all the work-at-home opportunities out there.  Additionally, Beauty Society has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Add all this up, and it’s no wonder budding entrepreneurs are turning their heads and taking a closer look at the unique business opportunity offered by Beauty Society.

Beauty Society is changing the face of direct sales

March 9, 2018: Beauty Society, a California based cosmetic company is committed to making direct sales a more beautiful business experience for their Beauty Advisors.  Putting more money in their wallets and making it much easier to do business; they are changing the face of direct sales.

According to the Direct Selling Association, there were 20.5 million people earning an income with direct sales in 2016. The direct sales industry has seen a dramatic rise in the last five years with over $35 billion in retail sales in 2016 making it the second highest year in the history of direct sales.  The industry is booming and Beauty Society is on the cutting edge.

When Jeannie Lorin founded Beauty Society her goal was to offer women the opportunity to build financial security for their families and to live their passions.  She looked at the reasons why women have been frustrated with other direct selling companies and she was determined to develop a compensation plan that allowed their advisors to make the most money with the low overhead and minimal operational costs.  The compensation plan is unmatched in the industry.  Beauty Advisors have the opportunity to earn up to 50% commission from day one and unlike other direct sales companies; their pay level structure has no cap.  They take another leap ahead of the competition by paying their advisors the same commission no matter whether products are sold online or in person and they cover all credit card fees for every transaction. Beauty Society Advisors never have to keep inventory, pay for their business website or for shipping on their personal orders.  Some direct sales companies may offer a few of the above-listed business benefits, Beauty Society offers them all.

Beauty Society already stood out to the consumer by offering cutting-edge skin-care delivered in 100% biodegradable packaging, with reduced cost eco-friendly product refills.  With the unlimited earning potential and a hassle-free business package, they’re turning heads of entrepreneurs as well.



Cosmetic company grows their commitment to refilling the planet with trees

February 9, 2018: Beauty Society, a California based skincare and cosmetic company has grown to Seedling Partnership level with Eden Reforestation Project, a non-profit organization committed to ecological restoration. Beauty Society offers a revolutionary refill program for all their skin care products that directly impacts the reforestation of the planet. Through their partnership with Eden Reforestation, one tree is planted with each refill purchased.

Beauty Society began in 2004 with a passion for providing women with all-natural skincare and cosmetics as well as a commitment to being an eco-friendly company like no other. Their “Treasure, not Trash” refill initiative allows customers to purchase refills at a lower cost than a replacement bottle. With every refill purchased, a donation is made to Eden Reforestation Project that plants a tree in an impoverished nation. They currently have initiatives in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Ethiopia, and Indonesia.

Jeannie Lorin, Beauty Society founder said, “I am proud that Beauty Society is about more than personal beauty. Our beauty advisors and our customers have come together to support not only our products but an initiative to empower women all over the world; beauty beyond ourselves if you will. Our products renew, rebuild and transform the skin. Eden Reforestation Project renews, rebuilds and transforms impoverished nations, and our planet. Our partnership with them is symbiotic and we are thrilled to know that through our partnership thousands of trees are planted every month all over the world.”

Beauty Society furthers their commitment to the world we share through their pollution reducing shipment methods, cruelty-free-no animal testing, gluten, paraben and sulfate free products as well as 100% biodegradable packing materials. By partnering with Eden Reforestation Project, they can offer their advisors and customers an opportunity to be a part of a company with a conscience.





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